SOLIDWORKS Electricals
SOLIDWORKS Electrical packages provide a range of electrical system design functionality to meet the needs of design professionals. All project design data is synchronised with real-time, bi-directional updates between 2D schematics and the 3D model.
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Powerful 2D schematic design tools quickly develop embedded electrical systems for machines or products, with built-in symbol libraries, manufacturer part data, and 3D component models. Automated management tools streamline design of complex PLC connections.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
Integrate electrical schematic design data from SOLIDWORKS Electrical with the 3D model of a machine or other product. You can place all electrical components in 3D, then connect everything and determine lengths of wires, cables, and harnesses.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional
A single package combines the 2D electrical schematic functionality of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and the 3D integration of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.

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Improve Time to Market Ensure Consistent Manufacturing & Assembly
Easy to Learn and Easy to Use Streamline development to Reduce Costs

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