SOLIDWORKS Plastics can help you predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of design. Enabling you to eliminate costly rework, improve product quality and accelerate time to market. Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD, this easy to use software helps part designers, mould designers and mould makers optimise designs for manufacturability without leaving their familiar 3D SOLIDWORKS modelling environment.
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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional - For Plastic Part Designers
The most cost effective time to optimise plastic parts for manufacturability is during the initial stages of product design. Skipping this step often leads to an inefficient mould design resulting in high reject rates and time-to-market delays. SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional will help you address these issues allowing you to bring your products to market before your competition.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium - For Mould Designers and Mould Makers
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium allows you to quickly evaluate single cavity, multi-cavity and family mould layouts, including sprues, runners, and gates. You can even balance runner systems and estimate cycle time, clamp tonnage, and shot size, enabling you to optimise feed system design and avoid costly mould rework.

Fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS Easy to learn and easy to use
Eliminate costly mould re-work Predict manufacturing-related defects
Quickly evaluate manufacturability Improve part quality
Accelerate time to market    

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