SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software enables you to assess a wide range of environmental factors during product design, when you can quickly make adjustments to reduce the environmental impacts of your product. Utilising industry standard life cycle assessment criteria and fully integrated with your design environment, the software provides instant feedback, so you can easily address the increasing demand for sustainable design.
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SOLIDWORKS Sustainability
SOLIDWORKS Sustainability is fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS and provides a practical tool for implementing corporate sustainability strategies at the product design level. The software considers four key environmental indicators: carbon footprint, total energy consumed, impacts to air, and impacts to water. You can evaluate these indicators across the projected lifecycle of your design, from raw materials and production, through use and end-of-life.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability uses the gold-standard GaBi LCA database from PE International, and offers time-dependent environmental comparisons of different designs, more flexible inputs for detailed assessments, and expanded reporting capabilities to quickly communicate your sustainable design solution.

SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress
Included within SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityXpress evaluates the environmental impact of your design throughout the life cycle of the product. You can compare results from different designs to ensure a sustainable solution for your product and the environment. It uses the same database as the full version of SOLIDWORKS Sustainability.

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