Cloud Simulation Powers Innovation

3DEXPERIENCE® Works: Scalable Simulation and Engineering Collaboration on the Cloud

üFeaturing Abaqus technology, 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation brings advanced simulation capabilities to your product development process. 

best analysis tools

Test with confidence, inform in real time and make design decisions faster with the world’s best analysis tools

Built on industry-leading Abaqus technology, 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation gives novices and experts alike the power to perform complex linear and non-linear analyses to validate product designs and make better-informed product decisions faster.


Maintain continuity with SOLIDWORKS data and workflows
Reduce investments in hardware and IT infrastructure
Choose the simulation solution that scales to your project needs


Conduct analyses with proven and scalable Abaqus technology
Leverage implicit and explicit solvers for linear and non-linear analysis, static and dynamic events
Create high quality meshes and solve complex simulations such as drop test and impact


Share status and results with your team to make design decisions faster
Access and visualize 3D simulation results from anywhere with a web browser
Save, manage and iterate on your projects from any browser

Simulation that Scales to Your Needs

ü3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation provides flexibility for you to choose the simulation capabilities that best fit your needs when you need them. Learn about the roles available to you.

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